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Hello there. Haven't posted here yet but I had a quick question.

I've ask this at a few other forums and maybe it's a dumb question I'm not sure but I've yet to get an answer for it that makes sense. Seems everyone I've asked is just as clueless about it as I am.

Basically could someone give me a transcript of who is saying what in Crimson Sphere 10? I used to think it was just Logos and Ormi but that didn't make any sense when I thought about it, there's a third person. The mysterious figure, and it doesn't seem to be revealed at any point who he is exactly. He is actually refered to as a 'mysterious figure' in the sphere description which is what makes me so dang curious.

Granted I haven't played FFX so apologies there but I have got 95% completion in FFX-2 and completed the Den of Woe. Only sphere I've yet to see is Gippal's sphere but I already know what happens in it.

Please if anyone can help me out here it would be fantastic cos it's driving me nuts!

BTW in Crimson Sphere 8 theres a figure moving infront of Paine, in fact at the end it turns around but you're too far away to see it's face.
I've been told it's Yuna but it was a very unreliable source, so if anyone could confirm that, that would be great.
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